About Us

Be strong. Be soft. Be hated. Be loved. Be you.

The HATE ME LOVE ME® brand was launched in 2018 by fragrance maker and sociologist Mike Arens, based on the idea that perfume is a form of self-expression and empowerment, embodied and lived by the person wearing it. He created something with his collection that stimulates curiosity: fragrances that attract and are mysterious - niche fragrances and at the same time so wonderfully suitable for everyday use.

Our Fragrances

For the exclusive Eau de Parfum creations, Mike Arens worked with biologists and psychologists to appeal to the right emotions. He faced the challenge of creating a fragrance collection that, on the one hand, responds to our basic instincts and yet is still wearable in various situations. The results are extraordinary perfumes with pheromones that evoke memories of special moments while appealing to all the senses. Intense fragrance compositions full of fascinating contrasts in keeping with the philosophy of the Viennese brand, precise shapes, and intense colors define the flacons of the HATE ME LOVE ME® fragrances. Each Eau de Parfum contains 20 percent of the purest oils for an expressive scent with a long shelf life.

Mike Arens - HATE ME LOVE ME

Our fragrances must be experienced on your own skin. The chance we offer our followers absolutely for free.

HATE ME LOVE ME® sees itself as a digital brand, and we fully support the philosophy of “trying then buying”- of course. Therefore we developed the HATE ME LOVE ME® Satisfaction Promise. Each time you buy one of our fragrances, you will get an additional sample fragrance sent home with your order. This sample fragrance is a personal gift for you. Should the scent not be to your liking, the unopened perfume can be returned, and you will receive your money back.