This Is Who We Are

Be strong. Be soft. Be hated. Be loved. Be you.

Our brand philosophy, which was created back in 2018, is centered around the idea that perfume is a form of self-expression and empowerment embodied and lived by the individual wearing it. As the HATE ME LOVE ME® follower, you are an independent thinker who will not allow constraining ideas or labels to hold you back.


The time to make compromises in the beauty industry is over.

Animal cruelty is no longer justified. We ensure that our production process adheres to the highest standards to make our fragrances 100% safe and cruelty-free. The HATE ME LOVE ME® debut collection with two scents for her and two scents for him breaks the constraints of traditional perfumery. Inspired by our basic instincts, these fragrances build on ancient scents like rose, musk, and amber combined with a contemporary twist for everyday wear. Made in Germany, every HATE ME LOVE ME® Eau de Parfum is vegan and contains only the highest quality ingredients.


Our fragrances must be experienced on your own skin. The chance we offer our followers absolutely for free.

HATE ME LOVE ME® sees itself as a digital brand, and we fully support the philosophy of “trying then buying”- of course. Therefore we developed the HATE ME LOVE ME® Satisfaction Promise. Each time you buy one of our fragrances, you will get an additional sample fragrance sent home with your order. This sample fragrance is a personal gift for you. Should the scent not be to your liking, the unopened perfume can be returned, and you will receive your money back.


The exploration of fragrance requires passion, dedication and the courage to step outside the status quo.

The idea for perfumes that break the mold goes back to 2016, when the creators of HATE ME LOVE ME® realized the need for a line of fragrances that reflected their own approach to life and style: quit adapting and trying to please everyone. What initially started as a passion project soon became a serious venture that will change your approach to fragrance forever.